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“Chico Hamilton has been very responsible for discovering many fine jazz artists. Mayu has been added to that long list of Chico finds. She makes every solo meaningful as each note has a true importance. Mayu is on her way to become better known to a wider audience with her first CD ‘HOPE’ as a leader.” - NEA Jazz Master Jimmy Owens
"Hope truly offers the listener a glimpse into the musical heart of one of today’s great musicians. Mayu is a shining example of the hope we all can have when we combine passion, perseverance, and a strong voice. Her voice is a gorgeous flute sound that will surely inspire hope in everyone who hears it”. – Demarre McGill, Principal Flutist of the Seattle Symphony Orchestra.


"What Mayu offers,said pianist Aaron Goldberg, is - Rich beautiful sound, she is a soulful person with deep feelings, and you hear that in her playing." by Phillip Lutz

Downbeat Magazine (July Issue 2018)



LOCAL 802 (April issue 2020) Article

Schedule ●


January 24  Mayu Jazz Trio @ Jungly (LIC) 

February 12  Rafael Piccolotto De Lima Chamber Project @ La National (NYC) 

February 26  Mayu Saeki Trio Sunday jazz brunch @ Jungly (LIC) 

March 12  Mayu Saeki Trio Sunday jazz brunch @ Jungly (LIC) 

March 16  Global Woman Club NY @ Actor's Temple (NYC) - Piano*

March 19 The University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music (Cincinnati, OH) - Guest speaker*

April 9  Mayu Saeki Trio Sunday jazz brunch @ Jungly (LIC) 

April 14 - May 7  "Miss Saigon" @ White Plains Performing Arts Center (White Plains, NY) 

May 18 - June 4  "The Secret Garden" @ A Contemporary Theater of Connecticut (Ridgefield, CT)

May 24  Hills Concerto Competition (Orchestra) @ Merkin Hall (NYC) 

July 30 

August 6

September 3

September 10

October 2  Ayako Shirasaki memorial Concert @ Bryant Park (NYC) 

October 8  Organ solo (substitute) @ French Church Du St. Espirit  (Manhattan NY)

October 8  Piano solo (substitute) @ Portofino (Forest Hills NY) 

December 19 & 20  - Duo with Chiara Fasi @ Manhattan West (NYC)

December 21 - Duo with Chiara Fasi @ TBA




January 13 - Duo  with Warren Wolf @ The Nash (Phoenix, AZ) 

February 11 - Rafael Piccolotto De Lima Chamber Project @ La National (NYC) 

April 6 - Chiara Fasi Group @ New York City Bar Gala 2022 (NYC)

April 23 - Jamie Baum Group @ New York Flute Fair 2022 (NYC)

April 25 - Erin Hills "Kate Bush Project" @ The Cutting Room (NYC)

April 29 - Rafael Piccolotto De Lima Chamber Project @ GAMA Club (NYC)

May 6 - Percy White Jazz Quintet @ Mr. Henry (Washington DC)

May 23 - Ayako Shirasaki Memorial Concert @ Bryant Park (NYC)

June 16 - Erin Hills "Kate Bush Project" @ Joe's Pub (NYC)

August 28 - Erin Hill's "Kate Bush Project" @ Levitt Pavilion (Westport, CT)

September 16 - Erin Hill Quartet @ Country club private event  (Staten Island, NY)

October 2 - Rafael Piccolotto De Lima Chamber Project @ La National (NYC) 

November 16 - Memorial event for Ayako Shirasaki @ Blue Gallery (NYC) 

November 26 - Off-Broadway Fiddler On The Roof In Yiddish (Sub) @ New world stages (NYC)

November 28 - Off-Broadway Fiddler On The Roof In Yiddish (Sub) @ New world stages (NYC)

December 3 - Bronx Arts Ensemble @ Saint Paul's Church (NYC)

December 4 - Bronx Arts Ensemble @ Fordham University Church (Bronx NY)

December 7 - Duo with Chiara Fasi @ Manhattan West (NYC)

December 9 - Bronx Arts Ensemble @ PS 1 (Bronx NY)

December 10 - GBNY production @ Philippine Consul General's Residence (NYC) - accompanist for Carla Mongado & Ben Jeffrey 

December 12 - Duo with Chiara Fasi @ KNICKS event (Westchester NY) 

December 14 - GBNY production @ Actor's Temple (NYC) - pianist with GBNY orchestra for Arielle Jacobs

December 24 - Christmas Service @ The Church Of The Village (NYC)

December 25 - Christmas Service @ The Church Of The Village (NYC)



April 7 - "Tune in with Talya" podcast - talk & performance

April 9 - Congregation L'Dor V'Dor - Live streaming service

April 18  - Arturo O'farrill Birdland Jazz Club 1 year anniversary for virtual concert series

May 22 - The Opera Next Door "Cosi Fan Tutte" by Mozart - CAST 1 (Brooklyn, NY)

May 23 - The Opera Next Door "Cosi Fan Tutte" by Mozart - CAST 2 (Brooklyn, NY)

June 20 - "MAKE MUSIC NEW YORK" Masayo Ishigure (Koto player) group @ Bryant Park (NYC)

September 10 - Antoine Drye (tp) Group "1000W project" @ Asbury Park (NJ)

September 28 - Mayu Saeki Quartet @ Country club private event  (Staten Island, NY)

October 3 - HUB City Jazz Festival with Chiara Fasi Group @ Hyatt Hotel (NJ)

October 9 - Rafael Piccolotto De Lima Chamber Project produced @ El Taller Latino Americano (NYC)

October 17 - Rafael Piccolotto De Lima Chamber Project @ La National (NYC) 9PM

November 19 - James Moody Jazz Festival with Arturo O'farrill Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra @ NJPAC (NJ)

December 17 - Arturo O'farrill Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra @ El Museo del Barrio (NYC)



“Never apologize for trusting your intui



About MAYU●

Mayu Saeki a Japanese-born flutist, pianist, composer, recording artist, bandleader, and educator based in New York.

With nearly a decade of her musical career in New York City, Mayu Saeki, Elizabeth University of Music alumni with M.M. degree,* still keeps transforming herself with no limit.  Her versatile and yet passionate playstyle is deeply rooted in her early childhood classical training and mentorship with Sanae Nakayama, Keiji Oshiro, Kazukiyo Inoue, Pierre Yves Artaud, Alain Marion, and the NEA jazz master, Chico Hamilton.  She isn't a stranger to jazz clubs like Jazz At the Kitano and Jazz Gallery to name a few, but also is welcomed in hardcore rock venues like Brooklyn Bowl and Rockwood Music Hall to captivate wide range of audiences.  

As she has relocated to New York from Tokyo, the opportunity has knocked her door to be a part of Chico Hamilton’s group. She has recorded several albums including “Revelation” & “Euphoric” (Joyous Shout! 2011) under the credit of the band, Chico Hamilton's Euphoria. She has continued to work with Hamilton until his passing in 2013. His last recording, “The Inquiring Mind” (Joyous Shout! 2014) features her composition “HOPE.”  Aside from working in Euphoria, she has began actively performing with her own trio from 2011, and has made the debut at Jazz at the Kitano (NYC) with Aaron Goldberg on piano and Joe Sanders on bass.  After a couple of Atlantic coastal tours, she has returned to the Kitano (NYC) in 2013 with Goldberg joined by Matt Penman on bass.

Post-Euphoria era, her “sideman” career continues to grow with an all-female Irish music group, Four Celtic Voices toured from 2015 to 2017. In addition, She has collaborated with a recording project “+ Strings” (MGQ 2018) by Grammy award-winning jazz alto saxophonist, Mark Gross, and she is featured on flute and piccolo parts respectively. She appeared with the Lewis Nash Group, led by the legendary Lewis Nash (drummer/composer/bandleader), at The Nash (Phoenix AZ) in Marc 2018. She also appeared with Latin Grammy award-winning artist Arturo O'farrill and Resist for Ronald K. Brown Evidence, performed at Jacob's Pillow (Massachusetts) in July 2018, at Joyce Theater (NYC) in January 2019 and Strathmore Hall (Bethesda MD) in November 2019. She also expands her limit to all kinds of music such as Rock singer song writer Cosmos Sunshine Group, Harpist & Singer Erin Hills's Kate Bush Project, and more.

Her anticipated debut album "HOPE" has released from Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records on March 16, 2018. The album includes original compositions previously recorded with Chico Hamilton’s Euphoria, “Dilemma,” “Do You Know…?,” and “Hope” joined by Aaron Goldberg  (special guest) and Nori Ochiai on piano, Joe Saunders on bass, and John Davis on drums recorded in Brooklyn, NY. Her album release tour over 2018 - Duo with Warren Wolf on piano at And Die Musik (Baltimore MD), Quartet with Nick Manson trio at The Nash (Phoenix AZ) and Jazz at the Kitano (NYC) with Ayako Shirasaki on piano, Noriko Ueda on bass and E.J. Strickland on drums. She was featured in Downbeat Magazine artist feature page (July 2018 issue) by Phillip Lutz. Also she was nominated for "Rising star flute" category in Downbeat Magazine 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.


She is a voting member for Recording Academy since 2022.

Her educator side, 2018 summer, Mayu was a guest clinician for Texas Summer Flute Symposium Jazz improvisation masterclass at Texas A&M university (Commerce TX), performed for an opening concert with Dr. Julle Kim Walker. She was invited to lecture with Carol Mellis for a summer band camp 2019 at Arizona State University (Tempi AZ), also Woman In Jazz 2019 at The Nash (Phoenix AZ). She was also invited to be a guest speaker for The University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music with Professor Demarre McGill in spring 2023. She also teaches for "Jazz House Kids" (NYC) piano group class, PS 206 and PS101Q (Queens NY)  after school music program regularly.

Additionally, theater-work, she was a substitute for a chair flutist Joshua Johnson for Off-Broadway production "Fiddler On The Roof Yiddish" at Stage 42 (NYC)  in 2018, 2019 and 2020, also recently subbed for a chair flutist Adrianne Greenbaum at New World Stages (NYC) in 2022. She also worked with "Goodbye New York" musical as an accompanist (pianist) performed with Ben Jeffrey (currently Pumbaa for The Lion King on Broadway) and Arielle Jacobs (former Jasmin for Aladdin on Broadway), music by Andrew Beal. Recently, she has finished her own two shows "Miss Saigon" at White Plains Performing Arts Center (White Plains, NY) and "The Secret Garden" at A Contemporary Theater of Connecticut (Ridgefield, CT) both as a reed 1.


Lastly, Classical-music-work, she was a flutist for The Opera Next Door production "Cosi Fun Tutte" summer 2021. Also she has played the flute and the piccolo with Bronx Arts Ensemble for several shows in 2022.Also she has performed for Hills Concerto Competition at Merkin Hall (NYC).

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*The Master of Music
Educational reference and/or resume is available upon request.




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